Mineral Oil Enema

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

stool due form a substantial part of a healthy lifestyle. intestinal disorders like constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis, etc. are common among people who love life takes on junk food or processed foods. Enema helps detoxify the body from excess waste, which gets accumulated by the consumption of these foods. Enema is not just for cleaning the colon, but also for weight loss programs. enema oil slows the rate at which water is absorbed by the intestine. This is reflected in the feces soft before it is discharged. The holding period of the oil should be about 30 minutes to soften the stool. However, with the benefits of laxative mineral oil, there are a number of side effects too.

Recipes for mineral oil enema
enema or mineral oil (laxative mineral oil) is a medical necessity and the purchase of OTC, can be very expensive. Here are some simple and cost effective to manufacture your own enema mineral oil at home.

The first ingredient you need is mineral oil. Take two cups of it. Then, add about 5-6 cups of filtered water in oil. Stir the mixture for a long period will not help to mix oil and water! So it stir for one minute, then heat the mixture to about 102-103 degrees. You can use a microwave for heating or even a gas stove will do. Continue heating the mixture for some time until it reaches the required temperature. You can use a thermometer to keep a check on the temperature. After heating the mixture, pour it into an enema bag and proceed to the administration of mineral oil enema. The enema bag comes with a rectal probe that is required for drugs.

Some considerations before administering the enema mineral oil
There are certain medical conditions that can react with a mineral oil enema. So, before administering an injection of mineral oil or in fact any type of enema, the doctor should be informed of any medical problem you may have. mothers or mothers who breastfeed are encouraged to consult medical professionals before giving an enema mineral oil. This applies even to those who intend a child.


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