The Wela Business Model

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wela was decided in 2009 by Internet marketing veteran, a network marketing company that would allow the retailer to produce a good way to distribute income and start a great product was created. The old English word for wealth is Wela.

Wela was a business model is different from all existing companies in network marketing is. The model is called a power line. This system was designed so that everyone who comes to the company go after you. This creates a very strong impulse. People are reporting more than 1,500 people in a few weeks after joining the company.

How does the system power line? When a potential prospect of new comments on your website they will receive a place in the power line system. The system will automatically notify the customer Powerline, sought when visiting a perspective of the company for them. This will allow your new perspective will know they have a volume that begins below.

This creates a massive call to action Thursday night because every man that update does not do is to lose its position in the power line. So every week you have the opportunity to update or lose all the volume that you purchased during the last week. The system enables inline power perspective to see that the system actually works and also provides a compelling reason to update as soon as possible.

Slimberry talk about the product. There are many network marketing companies today that do not have a real consumer product. You can anticipate MLM companies a wide range of digital products and people have to offer an automatic monthly with products that are horrible to remain. Wela with a product you receive current health of each month. Slimberry from the acai fruit produced. The Acai fruit has been proven to be a best seller in the health food market for years. Slimberry is directly delivered to your door every month and the price is right. I hope it was a useful insight into a company marketing network where you are on a realistic chance of success.


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