P90X Workout Routine - The Best Exercise Videos Ever Created?

Friday, September 3, 2010

. He breaks all the rules. And it sets a new standard for home fitness DVD. The concept is about "muscle confusion". It is a concept that bodybuilders have been known for years, but in this case is a program for fitness, applied to the house completely.

Muscle confusion means that we get the most out of the least amount of work. Not that you're not working hard with P90X, you will. It's just that you work very efficiently. With P90X you work from your core exercises, exercises, cardio exercises and weight training exercises every day different.

No aspect of fitness is excluded. So, we are much lighter, stronger, more stable and more athletic. This program of fitness and exercise videos to miss anything. That's what I think about how. This program is something for everyone - so now and no. Personally, I think everyone can do it, but I know that many people give this program.

But there is no reason to give up because P90X videos come with tons of support, keep motivated. Tony Horton and his team have developed an amazing fitness program that goes beyond the exercise videos.

P90X Workout Routine

My results

I have the fitness program at home now for about six weeks P90X, and I lost weight safely. But more importantly, what I - unbelievable feeling, and what I like. I did not lose much weight, weight, I started this program, but my body was not toned or athletic either.Now it is!

It's amazing because I see my abs starting point! For the poor start reminiscent of Madonna. Ha ha I'm just loving this series of videos and I stay motivated because of the incredible results! I recommend you start ...p90x home workout


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