Acai Berry Facts and Lies - 5 Acai Berry Lies You Want to Know

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Acai Berry is a wonderful fruit of the Amazon rainforest. Be rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, nutrients, the bay as the number one super food to its potential benefits for the human body has been taken.

But with all the excitement of Acai Berry, certain facts seem to have more that Amazon fluff Bay is an all-in-one recipe. Here are some common falsehoods Acai that you ask.

Lie No. 1: Acai Berry is an agent of the weight loss

Reality: While Acai is undeniably comprehensive services, which makes an excellent food supplement, not a quick fix weight loss. promote a healthy combination of diet and exercise with that of your health is important. While Acai Berry is not equivalent to a weight loss pill, is very nutritious, it helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss, if achieved, can be regarded as a good side effect of a healthy lifestyle.

Lie # 2: Acai you will stay young

Reality: As for its weight loss properties of acai is not in itself a newly discovered fountain of youth. Thinning and looking young is part of a healthy lifestyle, and this dark purple berry helps supportng better health thanks to its high levels of antioxidant nutrients and dense. However, it does not do wonders, without expense to you.

Lie # 3: A natural Viagra found

Features: Up to now there is no way this can be equated to Amazon Bay impotence drug Viagra will be. While some people have improved their love life with this bay right, it could find no evidence that similar to Viagra Acai work. Even if it comes to sexual health, we can not flee to discuss a healthy life, and Acai Berry can help people in their love life, by promoting better health.

Lie No. 4: Acai Berry can treat various diseases

Fact: There is no evidence in the treatment of specific diseases Acai. As a relatively new to the market research conducted specifically on this grape, there was rare. However, it is known that nutrients which are good for your health, and your heart and power, endurance and the immune system included. Research on Acai Berry was so promising. There is a report indicating the potential acai in the destruction of human cancer cells, but the study was conducted in the laboratory and in humans has not been tested yet, so it is too early to draw a conclusion.

Lie # 5: The Acai berries are the same

Features: These berries are not the same, different products with different performance. First, this bay is very delicate and perishable must be treated after harvest within 24 hours. Second, all processing methods Acai nutrients to stay. It must be dried, so that you can enjoy its benefits. Third, an antioxidant acai fruit mainly in cortex to 10% fruit. Consequently, products with other Acai Berry as the seed is not the same benefits as those who use rind of the fruit.

As you can see, Acai Berry is not a magic solution to weight problem, aging or disease. Be rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it should still be a great tool or lever to bring you to a healthy life. For this to work, but he needs to work well. Many people make the mistake Acai hope to do all the work for them. How to take Acai Berry as a dietary supplement to healthy lifestyle supplement, rather than hope, a miracle solution to your problem. If you're serious about the best benefits of this beautiful bay of the Amazon, a good start in the hope to resolve this problem.


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