Natural Colon Cleansing Recipes

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Theory behind the colon cleansing is that food that we, the leaves of many residues in food on the walls of the intestines stick, form a fertile breeding ground for parasites. This enables the reception of waste from the blood, may affect the general health. It is therefore very important to clean the intestines. Although this theory has no scientific basis, the colon cleansing has become very popular among the masses. Intestinal cleansing is a term used by a variety of methods to eliminate waste and toxins from the intestinal walls is. These include colon hydrotherapy, in which liquids into the rectum and colon are injected through the anus. Sometimes herbal liquid are added. The other method is the oral intake of a wide range of materials to achieve that goal.

The usual materials are used for colon cleansing by oral ingestion herbs, laxatives and dietary fiber and supplements. Although ready-made colon cleansing kits available, most people are interested in natural colon cleansing colon cleaning or by the contribution of natural materials. The most commonly used materials are psyllium shell, flaxseed, probiotics, apple juice, citrus fruit juice, powdered spice fiber, bentonite, fennel, bulb of garlic, Turkish rhubarb, Curacao, Cape Aloe leaf, cascara sagrada root, barberry bark, ginger and cayenne pepper . It is always advantageous to use fresh juices or fruits and vegetables in cans, rather than those. You can make your own natural home remedy colon cleansing. Below are some recipes for natural colon cleansing.

Clean lemon and ginger
You only need boiling water, fresh ginger, grated fresh lemon juice. Add ¼ cup of lemon juice and a teaspoon of grated ginger in boiling water and drink is ready. Ginger and lemon are ideal for cleaning the colon.


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