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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some weight loss therapies is rapidly brought a great success, the attention of the fair sex, who in turn to their own destruction. In most cases, younJustify Fullg girls are made dependent on laxatives and diuretics and eat later by the multinational pharmaceutical companies at random, without markets medical examination to obtain a thin face with no blemishes.
Acai Berry
The use of laxatives by women for the rapid weight loss is associated with their deviant behavior is another clear sign of their mental illness. Studies have shown that most of these women have suffered from the problems in life, and laxatives as a means to achieve spiritual peace used. It is entirely possible that a girl is to be frustrated about his appearance, made crazy for a married woman more than the perfect silhouette, the hubby go in those days, court and now in the age of the dead, according to a light bulb enormous expansion outside. By equating thinness with success and attractiveness, try the women of the modern world, the numbers with dreamy good or evil and will be incredibly disastrous long term results.

But what really laxatives? Their function is the colon of waste that is possible, only cleaned after eating and calories in the small intestine. Several years ago, the FDA's Food Advisory Committee requested the assumption that effectively reduce intestinal movements triggered by the use of laxatives, the intake of calories. This is because the laxatives do not work on the small intestine, but in the colon, the terminal portion of the intestine. This revelation breakthrough FDA has fostered doubts in their minds in the power of laxatives in the development of weight loss by leaving unwanted substances from the colon.

And that is what about the pain and damage, which inevitably even encourage the use of laxatives would be a matter of routine? Laxatives are a potential disaster that have made the human race is not leaving dependencies, once you get used to it. Laxative misuse and abuse of laxatives threatening terms, the immediate cause delays in the process of digestion and metabolism of the body and the acceleration of the abnormal beats. A commonly used oral laxatives women Docustate Sod is causing neck pain and rectal bleeding. It was also clear that the laxative ingredient phenolphthalein cancer risk for people who may have over a long period of consequence.

But who dares to teach and deliver these events directly with the ladies, looks matter more than life? Well, the doctor on the side effects before prescribing any treatment. It is for patients for comprehensive information about running drugs have. But if the patient is not willing to discover the basic facts of a drug before its administration, he would suffer and his life soon be over. Therefore, these effects are desirable? Of course, not for a lady with a rational mind, one that recognizes the well-being.


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