How Can You Increase Your Metabolism?

Monday, March 30, 2009

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As a personal trainer in Scottsdale, one of the most frequently asked questions is: "How can I increase my metabolism? As a general rule, follows:" I have a difficult time losing fat with diet and exercise. I have a slow metabolism. " Sometimes it is not their metabolism, but rather an underestimation of calories or an overestimation of the intake of calories through sport. Other times, the metabolism in question really a Make-over. Even if your metabolism is only slightly more slowly, as it could be, you do not keep used calories than body fat. This could have consequences for other books by years won. Metabolism-Defined First off, the metabolism is defined as the creation of energy for all body functions of the food. Metabolism is the transformation of food into energy. The hotter the fire, the body is to burn more calories. When this process is slower, fewer calories are burned and which are not used, such as body fat. If our metabolism is working, we eat, we digest and we welcome them.

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The nutrients in the cells. So we use these nutrients for energy production. Your diet affects the metabolism The raw material for your metabolism to your diet. And that's the problem: If you eat spoiled food, metabolism is low. For example, hydrogenated fats are synthetic physical body as fat. But unlike physics, fats, the body has no enzyme to break from hydrogenated fats. So because they have not used as fuel, the body incorporates the hydrogenated fats in the cell walls. Not too far in cell biology, causes of these cells less effective on the acquisition and burning fuel. The result is slow metabolism. Another cell structure may be damaged, the mitochondria. Mitochondria in each cell, are responsible for the burning of fuel, energy.
If these cells are damaged, the metabolism slows down. It is assumed that more free radical mitochondrial damage. This occurs when too few antioxidants available. Antioxidants protect the body of these potentially harmful products of metabolism called free radicals. The body is a part of the principle that these antioxidants are present, but with our modern diet often very rarely the case. And it's not just the quality of the mitochondria, but also the quantity of pulp influence evolution. The more a person of mitochondria within their cells that their metabolism is faster. And while the health of the mitochondria is in part through food, the number of mitochondria of the cell is to a large extent, lifestyle. The good news is that the number of mitochondria through exercises. This is where the assumption by a personal trainer is useful Scottsdale. "So, what can I do to my metabolism? Increase your metabolism Step
1: Exercise your heart It increases the perception that your body on the mitochondria. This increases the capacity of oxygen in the body. This capability is often referred to as V02. One of the best ways to do that is, cardiovascular movement, such as running, cycling, swimming. Scottsdale coaching staff, I recommend that certain types of circuit training with resistance. Perhaps the most effective exercise for the rapid establishment of a faster metabolism is high intensity spaced. This technique has little time to turn in the greater proximity of the effort with periods of partial or reduced. Use on a carpet of course, as an example, for 1 minute at high speed, then 1-2 minutes on a moderate pace walking or jogging. The training would be vice which for 10 or 20 minutes depending on the level of capability. Scottsdale A personal trainer can help you determine how much volume and intensity, you need to do. In general, I recommend at least 30 minutes daily aerobic activity, 4 days a week. Increase your metabolism
Step 2: eat less fat, hydrogenated, The elimination or minimization of foods with hydrogenated oils, including partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Foods most commonly used oils are hydrogenated margarine, cookies, chips and packaged pastries. A certified copy Scottsdale personal trainer can help, alternatives to these foods. Increase your metabolism Step 3: Eat More Antioxidant Rich Foods Are part of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in your diet. Scottsdale coaching staff, I recommend the Acai berry native of Brazil, the forest has the greatest capacity to absorb free radicals increasingly recorded. For more high-antioxidant foods are garlic, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, plums and beets. Increase your metabolism Rule # 4: setting up a Lean Body Mass A few hundred pounds of muscle burns more calories per day, even at rest. This boils down to a lot of pounds lost each year. And remember that the muscles a book is much smaller than a pound of fat you will not be as big, but more appropriate. A simple routine of weight training throughout the 2 days per week, you can increase your metabolism in a few weeks. Scottsdale personal trainer for a workout tailored to your needs.

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